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Who we are

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Carl Ziade 
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Jean-Pierre Vertil

Jean-Pierre and Carl are the co-founders of Gaya. They met at Stanford Business School where they got their MBAs. They have 10+ years of combined experience in fintech, insurtech, software development, product, strategy and sales. While at Stanford, they launched a startup in the car-sharing space and unveiled a deep problem in the auto financing space and are determined to solve it.


What is Gaya

Gaya is on a mission to expand the reach of insurance agencies. Gaya empowers insurance agencies to get their new and existing auto-policy holders $100+ savings/month on their auto loans.


We do so by enabling insurance agencies to access competitive loans originated by our Credit Union partners to either finance new cars or refinance existing auto loans.


Once a referral to Gaya, we take care of all the paperwork with the insured client.​


Why Gaya


The auto loan market is inefficient. Up to 50% of auto loan holders pay $37 Billion in excess per year. That’s due to the fact that 80% of auto loans are originated at dealerships, and that Interest rates on auto loans do not account for credit score improvements throughout the loan term.

We believe auto insurance agencies should fill the gap and get savings for their insured clients on their auto loans.


That’s why we at Gaya are building the technology needed to streamline the process for insurance agencies and turn both the financing and the refinancing hassle into a one-click experience. 

By empowering insurance agencies, Gaya is set to make auto loans more fair and efficient. 

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