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Gaya’s robust platform is able to accommodate large agencies and carriers that manage multiple agents. 


Gaya is built to scale and integrate seamlessly with large insurance agencies and carriers.

We enable you to grant and revoke access to any agent within your network. 


Gaya enables you to track your agents' financing performance to make commission disbursement easy. 

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We take any data you share with Gaya very seriously. We are SOC compliant and will not share your data with any third party. 


​See how simple and quick Gaya is. 

Test Gaya with our interactive demo below

Seamlessly  grant and revoke access 

Test Gaya with our interactive demo below

If you’d rather have a custom solution, you may leverage the Gaya technology via our REST API


Reach out to learn how Gaya can help you increase your revenue while empowering your agents

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